Best Places To Buy Cloth Face Masks Online Now Amidst COVID-19

By now you know that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending the use of face masks in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Many cities and towns across the country are also requiring customers to wear face masks before entering stores or restaurants. The logic: Whether you’re showing symptoms of COVID-19 or not, you can help avoid inadvertently transmitting the virus to others by wearing a non-medical, cloth-based mask in public.

When purchasing a fabric mask there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Shan Soe-Lin, PhD, a lecturer in global health at Yale University, told WH in an interview that the most important thing is to make sure your mask fits snugly with no gaps between the material and your face, and that it fully covers both your mouth and nose. It’s also helpful if your mask has ear loops so that you can easily remove it without touching your face. A recent study published in Science Advances suggests that face masks that loop around your ears and cover your face are likely more effective in protecting the transmission of the virus than looser-fitting bandannas or neck gaiters like you might wear while running or hiking.

Luckily, there are plenty of online retailers selling cloth-based masks for delivery to your home right now. The best part? Many of these brands are also donating all or part of the mask proceeds to those impacted by the virus. Some brands are even donating masks to medical workers for each one that you purchase on their site.

These are the best places to buy fabric face masks right now–but as masks are depleted and restocked, it’s important to check the availability and ship time before ordering:

1Adult Mouth Mask

Etsy has a wide range of sellers on the platform creating and distributing a variety of face masks. Buying from Etsy also gives consumers the opportunity to support small businesses that rely on the site for the bulk of their income.

2Zensah Performance Face Mask

This one’s light and breathable on your face but will still offer you the protection you need. It dries quickly if you want to get in a quick workout while wearing it, or if you want to machine wash it and wear it later on.

3Stitchroom Face Mask Tie-Dye Kit

These masks by Stitchroom come in adult and youth sizes, so this brand has got your kiddos covered, too, if you need child-friendly options. Plus, tie dying your masks is a fun and safe quarantine activity for your whole family.

4Royal Jelly Harlem Adult Mask in Blue Seersucker

You can actually reverse this handmade mask, which has a solid color interior. The blue seersucker pattern was spotted on Meghan Markle recently.

5Cotopaxi Teca Cotton Face Mask

If you wear glasses, you know that not only do the ear strings get uncomfortable, but they fog up whenever you breathe with the mask on. This mask has adjustable strings and a wire nose adjustment to combat both problems. They also donate a mask to their international humanitarian partner, Mercy Corps, for every mask you buy.

6Samaria Leah Face Mask

Not only does this mask come in two different sizes, but it also has ties to go around the back of your head so you can ensure a perfect fit, and minimize discomfort around your ears.

7The Mighty Company Face Mask, Rainbow Woven

You’ll feel like you’re wearing your lightest sweater on a warm fall day with this mask on, in a fun rainbow pattern. The Mighty Company also donates one mask to The Midnight Mission homeless shelter in Downtown Los Angeles for every mask you purchase.

8The Oracle’s Haven Dark Rose Gold Fabric Face Mask

If you can’t go a day without reading your horoscope, especially this year, this is the mask for you. Plus, you’re supporting a local small business along the way.

9Reid Reversible Face Mask

You can wear this mask with either a cute sneaker pattern or flip it over for a geometric pattern. It’s easy to adjust the knot near the elastic for a snug fit around your face as well.

10Blue Bizan Facemask

This mask gives you true coverage: The comfy fabric hits the bridge of your nose and fits snugly to prevent slippage. Not only that, but you’ll look like a ninja at the grocery store, the Etsy shop owner points out.

11Amadi Expandable Ear-Loops Mask

Each of these colorful masks is machine-washable, made from soft cotton, and expands (and contracts) its layers to fit your entire face properly.

12Taylor Jay Cotton Face Covers

Made with repurposed cotton, these masks have a variety of cool colorblocked patterns. They’re also reversible if you want to wash and flip it to the other side.

13WalyAccess set of 3, 100% Cotton-lined Face Mask

For floral lovers, you can get the most bang for your buck with these 3 masks for under $30. And there’s also an option to include an adjustable nose wire inside the mask.

14Sonson Spotted Cheetah Face Covering

Everyone needs an animal print mask to keep things exciting. This one also happens to have an adjustable ear loop and nose bridge, too.

15Onzie Mindful Masks – Assorted 2 Pack

Activewear brand Onzie released masks made from up-cycled spandex fabric scraps from their leggings and sports bras. They’ve also donated thousands of masks to healthcare workers with the proceeds. The stretchy masks come in a 2-pack that are perfect for both work and workouts.

16S.Denton Sequin Face Mask

Looking for a mask to jazz up a Zoom wedding watch party or other socially distant event? This one has sequin fabric on the outside, but soft cotton on the inside so your face doesn’t itch. It also fits over your head instead of around your ears for added comfort.

17Silver Linings Face Mask

A major plus regarding this mask? It comes with 10 reusable filters that you can insert inside when you want extra protection. It’s also super form-fitting, so you should have no trouble making it fit your face shape.

18Washable Face Mask

The House of Perna is giving one face mask to a medical or frontline worker in need for every mask sold. Each mask is lined with a non-woven filter and made with exclusive House of Perna prints. They’re also accepting donations so that they can deliver even more masks to those in healthcare with what they receive.

19Everyday Non-Medical Masks 5-Pack

These super soft masks are perfect for lovers of Athleta leggings–and have 5-star reviews. Made of breathable, stretchy material, coming in packs of five pretty AF colors, these masks are the perfect addition to your wardrobe and your safety plan.

One reviewer wrote: “These masks are by far the most comfortable and breathable masks I’ve tried.” Another commented, “These masks are very comfortable and stay on well … It doesn’t suck in when you breath.” Here for that!

20UA Sportsmask

This mask was made by Under Armour specifically for athletes. The designs ensures that the fabric sits up and off of the face and lips so that you get that extra feel of breathability. Plus, you can wear the mask in any weather, since the material is water-resistant.

21The Essential Mask

For every mask purchased, the equestrian-inspired clothing brand William-Grace will be donating one mask to a community in need of protection. You can buy single masks or order in more bulk with packs of five. Plus, the beads on the string’s end give wearers the ability to adjust the mask as snug as they need.

22Neon Lights Mask

Major plus: USA Sewn Masks come in *multiple different sizes* and are made in the home of a local textile worker. It’s also worth noting that all of the profits made from these masks go directly to, a non-profit dedicated to providing frontline healthcare workers with the supplies they need.

23Medical Purpose Copper Mask

While on the pricier side, Theramasks promise anti-microbial protection and can be ordered in whatever quantity you need. The masks come in two different colors and are machine washable up to 60 different times (which, ICYMI, is a lot more than your average mask).

243-Pack Cotton Masks

You can buy three-packs of 100 percent cotton masks from Los Angeles Apparel. All face mask proceeds go toward the production of masks that the company is donating to healthcare and essential service workers. A bonus? The straps go around the top and bottom of your head, so you’re not left with a string rubbing around your ears all day long.

25Ecycle Face Masks

These masks are sold in packs of four and for every one sold, Etica Denim will donate a pack to healthcare workers in need of protection through #GetUsPPE.

26Workforce Custom Mask

Workforce is a men’s clothing brand sewing fitted, two-ply cotton masks for adults. And while they’re limiting orders to only two per customer, they’re also donating one mask for every mask sold to hospitals in the greater Boston area.

Reviewer rave: “Fabric is of great quality and the fit works better than any other non-medical mask solution I have tried.”

27Washable Cloth Face Mask

Clothing company Radian Jeans has gotten into the mask-making business and is now selling washable, super soft jersey-knit fabric masks for both adults and children in packs of five. You can also opt to donate packs, and for every one sold the company will match your donation.

28Nightingale Face Mask

Nightingale has been regularly donating face masks to frontline workers since the beginning days of the pandemic. The brand has provided over 360,000 masks to the city of Winston-Salem in North Carolina, and now you can grab an order from yourself, too. It’s got a raised fabric near your nose and mouth so that it’s not constantly touching your lips and nostrils, making it easier to breath.

29Cotton Masks

Rendall and Co. is selling woven cotton mask packs, and for each mask sold, they’ll donate one to an essential worker in need. A bonus? There’s also an adjustable copper band at the bridge of the nose, which helps make sure the mask will have a snug fit on the face.

30Adult One-Time Wear Face Mask

You probably already own (or have definitely seen) a Love Your Melon beanie. The company is dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer and to donating part of its funds to non-profit cancer organizations. Now you can buy a seamless, breathable, single-use face mask made out of surgical wraps on their site in packs of 10.

31Face Mask, Soft Comfort Fleece, 5-PK

American Blanket Company is donating one of their soft, fleece face masks to frontline healthcare workers in need with every purchase made. There are five masks in each pack, and the fleece fabric makes the mask thicker than most cotton-based protective materials.

32Civil Mask

Looking for an eco-friendly mask option? BlackStrap creates its face masks with 100 percent up-cycled materials. And (bonus!) its entire line of products are produced in a zero-waste factory.

33Reusable Crinkle Cotton Facemask

Elyse Maguire will donate one mask to workers on the frontline for every mask sold. Each has its own unique embroidered pattern and is secured with two ribbons on both sides.

34White Acid Face Mask

You’ll get ~cool~ vibes from all the masks sold by Daniel Patrick US. They’re sold as singles and can be bought in either Small/Medium or Large/Extra Large sizes.

Written by Healthy Bowls

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