Healthy Sweet Potato Hash Recipe

There is something so comforting about eating sweet potatoes. I regularly make this hash as a warm 30-minute meal when the weather is cold outside and I need that extra bit of nourishment. This is a particularly good recipe that can be enjoyed as a fast meal during the week or during a weekend get together with friends. Any leftovers can be enjoyed as a salad the next day tossed with baby rocket (arugula) and drizzled with a generous amount of balsamic.

When sweet potatoes are sautéed in a cast iron pan, they develop a spectacular golden crust and nutty flavor, due to the caramelization of their naturally occurring sugars. It’s important when you first add them to the pan, not to be tempted to mix them too soon and disturb this natural process from occurring. Patience here is key. Once they’ve browned all over, then can you add your additional ingredients and remember to monitor the heat of the cast iron pan so it doesn’t get too hot in order to avoid burning your vegetable medley. You can also make this meal the star or your dinner table as the simplicity of this recipe allows it to be served as a main course accompanied with a side of rocket leaves, olive oil, aged parmesan and balsamic.

Serves 4

Sweetcorn can be replaced with green peas or cooked black beans to boost protein. The hash can be topped with avocado, a generous squeeze of lime and fresh herbs to add freshness and contrast wonderfully with the pan-roasted flavors of the sweet potato. Leftovers can be made into an organic egg frittata the next day or enjoyed with steamed broccoli or leafy greens for lunch.

Written by Healthy Bowls

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